Message from our Chairman of the Board of Directors

- ASN Group

President’s Message

Our story, which started with Akın Ofset, which was founded by our grandfather Ali Küçüksarıkulak with his 5 partners in 1975, continues today in 4 different sectors as representatives of the 3rd Generation. We are working to add value to our country and humanity with the values, faith and determination we learned from our grandfather and our father Ahmet Küçüksarıkulak, from whom we took over the flag.
We continue our story, which started with the printing house, with the automotive spare parts, machinery and transition technologies sectors. We are trying to build a better future for our country and our youth with the investments we make and the partnerships we establish.
We always prioritize the happiness of our customers, employees, suppliers and our country. We are a big family whose number is constantly increasing. Our aim is to further increase this number by opening new business areas. Our understanding of seeing our employees, suppliers and customers as the pillars of our family has brought ASN to these points. Their happiness and well-being are indispensable for us.

We move forward confidently into the future with our new investments and our understanding of people, without giving up our philosophy of change, development and value creation for a moment.